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SISeLearn specializes in providing modular laser training, educational programs, and other services to healthcare facility staff members as well as surgical support professionals. SISeLearn offers a cohesive style of laser staff development training with an appropriate mix of on line and on site laser educational services and courses designed to meet the most common needs of medical/ surgical facilities using lasers today. Our programs will allow you to meet goals for your laser program development based on compliance concerns and individual competency needs.

The level of experience, knowledge, and expertise of our development team and instructors is unrivaled. The courses are comprehensive and engaging. These services provide the highest quality of interactive programs and tools in the most cost effective and time efficient methods available. We invite you to contact us for a needs assessment or facility group access information today!

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If you would like to look at our current on line course options, please feel free to access our course descriptions by choosing an educational course path with the tabs above. If you are unsure what your facility or group needs are from a compliance perspective, contact us to schedule a free consultation session with one of our experienced and certificated Medical Laser Safety Officer Consultants.

If you have any questions or you are interested in providing access to any of our courses for individual or your medical/ surgical staff or group, please contact us for registration information and for your individual or group access codes.

For a complete listing of our current on-site course options and medical/surgical laser safety program administrative tools, we encourage you to visit us at http://www.sislasered.com.